Open Studio Rental

Open Studio rental is available in the hot shop, the cold shop, and the flameworking studio. Open Studio time is supervised but no instruction is provided. Open studio time may be combined with Private Instruction to maximize your educational experience. Please email to schedule your open studio time.

Hot Shop Rental

Upon completion of Molten Glass as Material and Moving on with Molten Glass, students become eligible to rent open studio time. Students with equivalent experience from another studio will be allowed to rent studio time upon completion of a 30 minute studio introduction. A one time fee of $45 applies to cover the studio introduction. Open Studio hot shop rental includes use of specified glory hole, workbench, annealer, clear glass, and all basic tools. Colored glass will not be provided. 

Small glory- $50/hr

Large glory- $60/hr

Glass Bug Club- Renters who register to rent eight hours or more of hot shop time per month receive a complimentary one-hour private instruction session ($90 value). May be separated into four two-hour sessions. This is a great way to practice what you know, realize what you need help with, and receive one-on-one instruction to work on specific techniques that challenge you.

Cold Shop

The cold shop may be rented for cutting, grinding, and polishing glass projects. Students must have been given a demonstration on proper equipment use either in a class at Lillie Pad Studios, LLC or privately by one of our instructors for a fee of $45 to qualify for open studio Cold Shop Rental.


Lampworking Studio

Torches may be rented to qualified students. All basic tools, annealer, oxygen, propane, and specified torch will be provided. Renters are responsible for providing all clear and colored glass. 

Minor bench burner- $30/hr.

Major bench burner- $35/hr.

Carslile CC burner- $40/hr.

Michelle Lillie is available to meet with students in regards to setting up a personalized home studio for an hourly rate of $75/hr. During the meeting, she will provide information about safety, equipment, tools, materials, ventilation, manufacturers and suppliers.

TIG Welder

For those who are qualified (three hours or more of Private Instruction), our TIG welder may be rented to create bases for art pieces, tools, sculptures, or whatever your mind can dream up. Welder, angle grinder, bench grinder, and chop saw included. Consumables and metal not included.

Syncrowave 250- $35/ hr

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