Maddison Klein

  We have been very fortunate to have Canadian glass artist Maddison Klein living and working at Lillie Pad Studios for the summer of 2014. She is an energetic, hard-working, and driven individual who has a clear vision of herself as a glass artist. While she has been very focused on creating her own body of artwork throughout the summer, she has also been eager to help with various projects around the studio including rebuilding and maintaining equipment, cleaning and organizing the studios, teaching students, and assisting Michelle Jones Lillie in making her artwork. Maddison has learned a great deal about glass, metal, and other materials while here at Lillie Pad Studios and in return she has given a great deal to the studios and our community through her positive attitude, willingness to lend a hand, and desire to learn. We will be sad to say farewell this fall, yet excited for her future to come. Maddison Klein is sure to succeed in any venture she decides to take on.

 Maddison's Artist Statement:

"The act of blowing glass is a delicate process of continual layering; clear, as well as coloured glass is added in certain sequences to yield specific results. Once my pieces are made, and the glass has cooled, I carve into it, and strip away some of this meticulous layering in order to reveal small segments of what the glass is hiding inside.  The shapes and forms that I choose are a reflection of this layering process, as well as an intention to show the true depth of the material itself.


Part of the magic of glass blowing lies within the fact that you are working with a material in both it’s molten, and solid states. The heat being emanated from the material prevents you from ever directly coming in contact with the molten glass. When the glass has cooled, however, I see the shapes I have created as blank canvases. The act of blowing glass, as well as carving, both give me the opportunity to connect with the material in two very different, yet equally rewarding ways."

                                                                                                                            -Maddison Klein

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