"Overall it was a wonderful experience.  the instructor was excellent and the class was both informative and fun."

"The instructors were wonderful and passionate and patient. The owner (Michelle) is extremely talented and puts you at ease when your working with the hot glass."

"Michelle is fantastic, patient and safety conscious while making it a fun learning experience."

"Fantastic experience!"

"Great time! Will definitely go again. Highly recommend!"



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Joe Falzone

Joe Flazone was Lillie Pad Studios' first visiting artist, living and working with us for six weeks in the spring of 2012. He has been using hot glass in his artwork for over 13 years. Working closely with Eli Cecil as his assistant, Joe was able to produce a colorful body of blown glass artwork for spring exhibitions where he traveled up and down the east coast sharing his passion for glass art. In exchange for studio time, Joe helped us improve our studios by fabricating new equipment and expanding our studio space to include a new gallery exhibition space. His motivation to create and his artistic energy was an inspiration to all. 

Joe's Artist Statement: "As a traditionally trained glass blower in Italian forms and techniques, I am always aware of the historic value of what I do. My goal as a glass artist is to be continually exploring new forms, new colors, and new ideas. Keeping the values of the past alive, I strive to be very deliberate in the objects I create. It is important that a close balance between my color and form is always maintained."

Joe Falzone Glass Art

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