Jessica Picone

Jessica Picone is an exceptional artist who earned her BFA from University of Hawaii. Her dedication to the exploration of process and material is made evident through her artworks. Time, memory, and especially history are fundamental to her creative language. The partnership between Jessica and Lillie Pad Studios benefits both Jessica and the glass studio. She is an amazing glassblowing instructor and has been specifically requested by students who appreciate her fun-loving enthusiasm in the hot shop. While she has been involved in art education since her graduation in 2009, she had not worked with glass until arrival here in Maryland. It will be a pleasure to see how her artist portfolio develops during her residency at Lillie Pad Studios. In her own regards, 

 “It’d been nearly five years since I had worked with glass when I was invited to Lillie Pad Studios as an artist in residence/studio assistant.  To be in a hot shop again is a gift that has rebooted my passion for the arts in all mediums. For me, working with glass makes the experience of creating all the more exhilarating.  Both the unique qualities of the material and its demands provide endless possibilities for development and context. Experimenting with the material as I investigate a concept becomes the fundamental union in creating a piece. I believe some of my old work reflects that process and it is probably how I will continue to develop while here at Lillie Pad Studios.”



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